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©2019 by Buzzle Box   Buzzle Box  and Buzzle.Education are the trading names of Karen Bachmann.  +44 (0)  77969 86311   London, UNITED KINGDOM

 Learning is satisfying to the soul.


It inspires, challenges and brings  life, a sense of excitement! 


When there is no more to learn, there is surely no more life. 


Karen Bachmann, Director Buzzlebox

Hi, I'm Karen Bachmann the Founder and Director of BUZZLEBOX.

 I've been working on projects for the past 25 or more years and planning

is my passion...well, one of my passions but who doesn't love a good plan, right?

More importantly who doesn't need a good plan and one that works and delivers what you want? 


After being made redundant, I was a bit project deflated. What to do next?

I needed a plan, but I also wanted a sea-change. 

Then I began to pay attention: everyone I spoke to needed a plan to, whether it was to write that dream novel they always wanted, to get a project off the ground, in their small business,  a structure and way to keep their PhD or masters studies on track, a better way to plan their events or a clean and agile approach to their marketing strategies.


It was literally everywhere I went. People needed a clear and workable way to get things done and make things happen. I could see it because I've been planning for so long and I guess I had begun to take the way I approach life for granted. . I began jotting down plans, giving people ideas and ways to be more efficient and effective. We discussed real ways to overcome obstacles and how to better communicate, set dates for things to happen and importantly, see the dream come to life. 

As people took hold of their plans and began to make things happen and

see their dreams become reality, BUZZLEBOX also began to come to life.


I loved pouring my experience and expertise into others and seeing them take

hold of the nuts and bolts of how to put a plan together, learning how to manage it all and make it happen.

They were achieving real success! 

I love teaching and I love planning. BUZZLEBOX is my plan in action: teaching, growing and

showing people how to plan, become confident in making that plan come to life and achieve success. 

A few of my personal career highlights include:

The development of competency standards for the community services and health sectors in Australia

with Workforce Council Australia.

Achieving taxation compliance for Racing Queensland (the thoroughbred horse and

dog racing industries) in Queensland, Australia.


Contributing to the development of a bespoke taxation compliance project methodology

for Deloitte Touch Tohmatsu, Australia.


Co-authoring Fostering Changes, an evidenced based training programme with the Institute of Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience, for Foster Carers in the UK. The programme was rolled out to all local authorities in England.

Development and delivery of professional courses in leadership, cultural diversity, event management, wedding planning and more!

Establishing Workplace, the training and recruitment agency for the London 2012 Olympic development site. 

Heading up the production of online courses for King's College, London

My core philosophy is about making a difference and that's what I hope to achieve

for you and then you in turn can make a difference for others. Thanks for reading this far. I hope you understand a little bit more about me and the heart of  BUZZLEBOX. 

If you have any other questions, you can email me at

I hope you enjoy the resources and course I've put together, especially for your course!