Our online offer focuses on improving skills and building habits of great leadership through a high intensity programme we call BuzzHiiT    which stands for

BuzzleBox High intensity Improvement Training. 


The intensity comes from a powerful combination of focused content, real-life application activities and challenges, check in's, social learning and coaching techniques - all expertly crafted to help you build the skills and habits of a successful manager and leader. 

The aim is to help you discover and create realtime solutions in your every day work and build the habits of great management and leadership. Presented as short steps with video, podcasts or text, accompanied by activities designed to embed change. A daily wrap up helps your reflect on your progress and share your thoughts and comments. 

Delivered in the convenience of an app, it's like having a high level coach in your pocket. 


If you're serious about improvement, our BuzzHiiT    programmes are perfect for you. 


Should I do an online course?

If you're here, you're probably toying with the idea of signing up for one of our online high intensity improvement training programmes. Perhaps you don't have a lot of experience learning online or you've had a bad experience with poor quality materials. 

Naturally, you'll be concerned about trying it again.


Over 20 years of expertise in the online environment have helped shape our online offer where you'll find materials designed to help you develop habits that support your role as a manager and leader. 

Once you get started you'll be taken through daily steps of information, activities and support to transform your knowledge and skills. 

You'll find the exact same dedication to high quality in our London courses. Our Online Courses are dedicated to focusing on building individual habits whereas our London Courses provide qualification based learning. 

Online, you'll experience a rich world of content presented with video, podcasts, articles, text with the opportunity to reflect and provide feedback. Our London Courses are highly interactive, giving you lots of opportunity to interact with others including the use case studies that enable you bring your own experiences to the table and explore realtime solutions you can take back to the workplace. 

Discover a word of learning.