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Not All Learning is Equal

Not so long ago, employees were sent off to classroom courses for training which often resulted in days out of the office and notes that remained forgotten. However major shifts to how we work, along with giant leaps in e-learning technology have and are continuing to make traditional corporate learning a thing of the past.


Compared to instructor-led training, online learning is proving to be increasingly more beneficial. At the very least, it saves your company money in lost days from the office, gives you access to a broader range of skills and knowledge and in many cases, you can start when you want.

It may be a popular way to learn, but not all online learning is good learning. When you attend a course, you know if it's good or not because of your instructor. However there are so many different approaches to online learning that it's difficult to know if you are getting quality. What's the secret?

The Magic Recipe for Learning Online

Learning is like a pie. To make it tasty, you need to know which ingredients to add and in what proportions. The 70:20:10 model is a magic recipe for corporate learning and in particular it works execptionally well for online learning.