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Advanced Certificate

Mastermind PhD Planning

On Line Course

Commences Spring Term 2020

The ONLY qualification that uses professional project management approaches to help you plan and manage your life and studies helping you eliminate stress and stay motivated. 

ONLY £225!


Learn how to plan and manage your study, life and work and eliminate unnecessary stress and motivation dips

Embarking on a Phd or Masters programme can be stressful and taxing not only on your intellectual capacity, but also on your life, family, work and playtime! 

While you might have the intellectual stretch covered, knowing how to plan and manage your approach is as important as the study itself. Learn how to identify and eliminate common stress points, how to achieve a work/life/study balance and

how to keep your motivation at a constant level. 


Hello and welcome to the course.  Working in one of the UK's top universities, I was had the pleasure of meeting a range of students engaged in their studies. It was so inspiring that I considered doing a Masters or PhD. I was often encouraged by colleagues and they commented that I would breeze through it because of my project management and planning expertise. This encouragement gave me the concept for this course. I'm still yet to pursue my own dream, but I'd be delighted to share with you my expertise in planning and project management in order to help you nail the logistics of your own study/life/work balance and keep you motivated for the long haul. I'm still working on the finer details of this course, but I'm so excited I wanted to make sure that you're able to benefit from this learning before you embark on your own journey and offer you an introductory price! I wish you the best of luck in your study and hope I can help you in your journey. 

Karen Bachmann
Course Designer and Facilitator


what will you learn?

Industry standard project management and planning approaches tailored for higher education.  


How to plan and manage your own tailored study/work/life plan

Stress and motivation in the brain including reward gratification



Creating a support team and working with your family/close relationships for success


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Offer ends 31st November, 2019